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Jia fu auto supplies co., LTD is located in humen, dongguan, founded in 1999, is a professional wire manufacturers.Our products are mainly used in automobile, motorcycle, electric car instead of walking, game consoles, medical apparatus and instruments, etc.Products are mainly exported to the United States, Japan, Spain, etc.
Companies with AMP, MOLEX, SUMITOMO, YAZAKI, JST, TOKAIRIKA, FCI, KET and so on ten big wire connector manufacturers have good relations of cooperation, can help you deal with the fastest time shortages of materials.For car alarm, car audio, car headlights, car audio-visual system, vehicle-mounted automatic diagnostic system (OBD), LED billboards, etc, products have been very mature, can automatically design and production of some large engineering harness, help customers to solve some special waterproof connection issue.
Companies adhering to the "no can't do, only unexpected" purpose, efforts on technical update;Management reform.Continuously improve the company quality, efficiency, service perfect.Detail decides success or failure, the implementation of strategic decision, in order to "no best, only better" as the goal, efforts to build the company into a world-class expert in wiring harness.
Welcome calls or letters, let us together hand in hand to connect the world, connecting the future.

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Dongguan Jiafu Automobile Accessories Co., Ltd.

Professional customized manufacturer of automobile connector, harness and switch

Dongguan Jiafu Automobile Accessories Co., Ltd.

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